Starrett - Food Cutting Solutions

Why choose Starrett?

Few companies can boast the trust that Starrett has built over a century working together with customers in many different industry sectors around the world. You can expect the level of customer service and support that only companies with the history and reliability of Starrett can offer. You buy from Starrett because the quality of every product that we manufacture is assured and certified to be fit for purpose. In sectors like the food industry, for example, that is critically important because companies need to comply with very strict health & safety regulations.

What about Starrett’s leadership in South America…

South America is one of the biggest meat producing markets in the world – producing meat of the finest quality. Starrett Brazil is the number one producer of food-cutting bandsaw blades in South America. To be able to achieve that in such a competitive market, we must supply products of outstanding quality and a 100% reliable service. We marry the technical expertise and quality that we have in Brazil, with our knowledge of the requirements of UK and European customers. This results in products that offer the perfect balance of quality, performance, and price. We are proud to offer an exciting and expanding product line for the food industry throughout the UK & Europe. Many of our products offer complete traceability commencing from the initial stage of the manufacturing process, ensuring superior quality and safety. Moreover, all our products are certified to be suitable for food production.

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