Starrett - Bandsaw Blades

Through the combination of state-of-the-art software and specialist expertise from the largest saw factory in the world, we bring you XTR Technology. Cutting technology designed to give an improved performance when cutting materials that are considered extremely difficult. Our new XTR technology Bi Metal Bandsaws are specially treated to guarantee high fatigue resistance in addition to their exclusive tooth profile design. Together, these innovations significantly increase the life of the product, providing more speed and quality in their work and delivering greater cost benefits for extreme process cutting.



• New and exclusive tooth design, making the blade more robust • Developed and field tested in conventional and special steel processors • Suitable for High Alloy steels and difficult to cut materials in large dimensions


• Lower vibration and quieter cuts • High durability of the tooth profile and tooth setting, result in an increase in product life • Higher number of cuts, reducing the cost per cut • Increased fatigue resistance, providing quality cuts and high wear resistance

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