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Diamond BMC

Diamond Dri-core drills

Diamond Brick and Masonry Dri-Core Drills are designed for intensive dry cutting on brickwork and blockwork. They are particularly suitable for plumbers, electricians and other installation engineers and an invaluable tool in the construction of flues, air vents and plumbing or electrical channels.

22mm & 28mm Drill Depth 38mm to 152mm Drill Depth

300mm 150mm

Rec. Cutting Depth >13mm

Brick and Masonry

Cutting Performance

 




• Faster rate of cut than TCT alternatives with less pressure required. • 300mm saw length on 22 and 28mm diameter saws. 150mm saw length on all other diameters. • Note: not for use on reinforced concrete.

Size mm Inch

Item Number

Cat. No.

BMC22 BF3110 22mm 7/8” BMC28 BF3115 28mm 1.3/32” BMC38 BF3120 38mm 1.1/2” BMC42 BF3125 42mm 1.21/32” BMC48 BF3130 48mm 1.7/8” BMC52 BF3135 52mm 2.1/16” BMC65 BF3140 65mm 2.9/16” BMC78 BF3145 78mm 3.1/16” BMC102 BF3150 102mm 4” BMC107 BF3155 107mm 4.7/32” BMC117 BF3160 117mm 4.19/32” BMC127 BF3165 127mm 5” BMC152 BF3170 152mm 6”

Item Number

Arbors & Accessories

Cat. No.

SDS Adapter



Hex Adapter



240mm SDS Adapter

BMA2240 BF3220

240mm Hex Adapter BMA1240 BF3210 Pilot Drill - 13 x 200mm BMA3200 BF3225 Pilot Drill - 10 x 350mm BMA3350 BF3230 150 mm Extension BMA4150 BF3232 250mm Extension BMA4250 BF3235 Drift Key BMA5 BF3240


# = MTO - Made to order, may be subject to longer lead times.


Cat No Item Number

Core Drill Sizes



38mm, 52mm, 65mm, 117mm & 127mm

BMA1, BMA2, BMA1240 & BMA2240

BMA3200 Pilot Drill & BMA5 Drift Key

Diamond Dri-Core Drill Kit



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