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Totally different from other methods of producing bi-metal saw blades, Starrett Unique™ Technology joins two strips of high speed steel wire to a backing steel in a solid phase, using the principle of solid state diffusion bonding. Advantages • Massive increase in resistance to tooth breakage and fracture. Unique™ Blades feature 170% more weld contact area than standard bi-metal blades as a result of the solid state diffusion bonding process. This ensures exceptionally strong teeth. • Smoother, faster cuts. Multi Edge Performance and the Split Chip Advantage generate thinner chips which are more quickly and easily removed from the saw cut. In tests, Unique™ blades proved to be an average of 35% faster than directly competing products. • Longer blade life. The exceptionally strong teeth, Multi Edge Performance and Split Chip Advantage ensure that Unique™ blades last an average of 35% longer than competing blades. • Lower cost per cut. The increase in resistance to tooth breakage and fracture, smoother, faster cuts and longer blade life all combine to guarantee one simple benefit - lower cost per cut.

Starrett Bi-Metal Unique™ Saw Technology is currently available in our Safe-Flex™ Hand Hacksaw Blades, Unified Shank™ Jigsaw Blades and Intenss Bandsaw Blades.

The Bonding Process

• Two strips of high speed steel wire are joined to the backing steel in a solid phase.

The Contact Area


Multi Edge Performance • After initial use the soft backing material in the centre of the blade will wear away, forming a groove which acts as a natural chip breaker, and providing the blade with multiple cutting edges - Multi Edge Performance • 1. Traditional bi-metal blades feature one high speed steel wire, electron beam welded to the backing material. • 2. Unique™ blades feature two wires, joined laterally to the backing steel in a solid phase, providing 170% more weld contact area.





Split Chip Advantage

• The multiple cutting edges produce thinner chips that are more easily removed from the saw cut - The Split Chip Advantage.

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